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Love Heals


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“When it's over, I want to say:  all my life I was a bride married to amazement.”
Mary Oliver


Adriana Goddard and her son, Gunnar Lovelace, founded Love Heals in 2005 on an organic communal farm with the vision to create a company that gives back to nature and humanity. It was a natural reflection of the environment they had cultivated on their farm and the surrounding town of Ojai, CA. Love Heals jewelry is coveted for its bohemian spirit, rich textures and worldly design element, and it’s not by happenstance.


Adriana Goddard - Matriarch and Lead Designer

Adriana started her career as an architecture student in Argentina where she found her passion making jewelry. In the early 70’s she left Argentina which was ruled at the time by a ruthless military dictatorship. London was the next stop. There she continued her explorations making sterling and resin jewelry, selling at the Portobello Market and all over London. Her roaming gypsy spirit, coupled with her distinct style and craft, allowed her to travel and sell jewelry throughout Europe. Eventually landing in Ibiza, she gave birth to her son Gunnar in a 400 year old house without running water or electricity. The family eventually relocated to Ojai to an organic farm where Elisa was born and where she started a new face in her work, making statement metal belts, carving antlers and waxes for casting, experimenting with leather and found objects. Adriana continued with her intention of imbuing the jewelry with attention and love.

Gunnar Lovelace - Founder and Co Designer

Gunnar Lovelace, son of Adriana and co-founder of Love Heals, is a serial entrepreneur in technology, fashion, and real estate. Gunnar focuses on designing and tying social causes to the heart of the business. He has formed partnerships with tree planting, child slavery and child blindness organizations and integrated them into the Love Heals mission. Gunnar collaborated with his mother after doing a flea market for her on Mother’s Day in 2004. It was upon witnessing the emotional reaction women had to the jewelry that he realized how powerful it could be in touching lives. It had always been his dream to help his mother harness her creative spirit into a force that reaches far and wide.

Mariana Schulze - Brand Director

In 2010, Love Heals welcomed Brand Director Mariana Schulze. Mariana Schulze began her eclectic career studying Art Direction in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She quickly absorbed the underlying organic patterns of creativity and developed an eye for beauty. Mariana further advanced her career working as a Creative Director in the advertising and fashion industry worldwide. After settling in Ojai, the past years of Mariana’s work has become iconic within the spirited bohemian California lifestyle.